The "Friends" hold a meeting at the Mill Adventure Base at the reservoir on the second Wednesday of every month except for a break in July and August. Meetings are friendly affairs, we discuss current and future projects and anything else to do with the Reservoir with a representative from Ashfield Council. Meetings start from 3.00pm and last between 1 and 2 hours. You are very welcome to attend any meeting.


If you prefer you can speak to the water baliff, or any litter picker, who will be able to tell you about any forthcoming events.


If you have any concerns about the reservoir please contact Ashfield District Council on 01623 450000


Non-urgent anti-social behaviour should be reported to Ashfield District Council and to the Police on their 101 number.

Other websites that you may be interested in are:


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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds -

Local Group -


Pleasley Pit Country Park -


Brierley Country Park -


Greenwood Community Forest -

The "Friends of Kings Mill Reservoir" gratefully acknowledge all the help and support from Quarrydale Academy and Ashfield District Council in producing this website.


We would also like to record our thanks to Phil Millns, Mr C Mulins and Mr A Smith for giving kind permission to use their photographs.



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